ABC Stories

Our Tony”

Tony Stewart                  Stewart Family        John Spooners Cartoon

2009 ABC Regional Production Fund: “Our Tony” half hour radio documentary for Radio National telling the story of my brother’s death at Balibo, in October 1975 and its subsequent effect on my family.

Ballarat Literary Podtour

Peter Temple             Mark  Twain               Wavie Williams          Ruby Lindsay

2008 ABC Regional Production Fund :  ABC Ballarat “Old,  Cold  and  Gold”:  A  Literary and Artistic Walk through Ballarat. Downloadable Mp3 audio, text and images.


Eureka 150: A Correspondent on the Diggings

2004  ABC Regional Production Fund “Tales from A Correspondent on the Diggings: ‘Interviews’ with a parade of characters through the timeline of the Eureka Story for Eureka 150 Anniversary: 20 x 4 minute episodes for radio. ABC Ballarat


Great Stories of Greater Ballarat

Lola Montez                             Raffaello Carboni              Ferdinand Von Mueller

2002 ABC Regional Production Fund – Great stories of Greater Ballarat. Produced, researched, wrote, and record 12 x 6 minute stories, Historical Narratives ABC Ballarat. Featuring stories of the Lindsay family, Raffaello Carboni, the infamous Lola Montez, J Ward and many more